Calum Hurley is a graduate of University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Interior Architecture. During his studies Calum set his focus on human experience by observing how one interacts with their surroundings, and how that differs from person to person. This lead to a pursuit of furniture and object design which saw further study of furniture making at TAFESA and the joining of Floating Goose Studios, Adelaide. Currently working out of JamFactory’s Furniture Studio in the Associate Training Program, Calum seeks to meld these fields to create a range of functional products, whilst also establishing an artistic practice working on experiential installations.


Exhibition, Upcoming


a flat shop, Adelaide. April 2019

Presenting new work, ‘hold it’, a magazine hanger

Front | Centre

Denfair, Melbourne. June 2019.

Presenting new work, ‘Window Vain’, vanity mirror

Press Release

‘Reflecting Location’

Praxis ArtSpace, Bowden. September 2019

New work. Immersive installation. Projected video work + reflective sculpture 

Exhibition, Past

Searching for the New Moon

Floating Goose Studios Inc., Adelaide, 2019

One of three participating artists

Collection’ presented

Keeping The Lights On

Floating Goose Studios Inc., Adelaide, 2018

Annual end of year show

See You’ presented


Melting Pot’ by LeuWebb

Nuit Blanch, Toronto, 2014


Lighting installation art project for design festival


‘A Table of Interior Elements’

The Jam Factory, Adelaide, 2014

Collaborative exhibition deconstructing the ideals of Interior Design

Electric Crows

SASA Gallery, Adelaide, 2014

A collaborative project to construct an immersive neo-noir interior.