Calum Hurley is an Adelaide based furniture and object designer. Currently working out of JamFactory’s Furniture Studio as part of the esteemed Associate Training Program, Hurley produces objects for the home as well as a diverse range of exhibition work. Frequently utilising casting material Jesmonite, Hurley combines this malleable material with outsourced steel, timber or glass components. 

Hurley has spent his time during the Associate Training Program experimenting and developing his usage of Jesmonite, a composite casting material, as well as working with local fabricators to create a series of objects for the home. Hurley’s mother, Carol Herbertson, an award-winning weaver, encouraged creative expression throughout Hurley’s childhood. This blossomed into a collaborative practice between the two, with Herberton’s textiles featuring across a range of Hurley’s work, including his Generate offering. Looking to balance his exhibition work with retail-ready pieces, Hurley presents three dining chairs (constructed by Hurley in-house) alongside series of wall mirrors (originally presented as part of VIVID Design Competition 2019) which utilise local industry and in-house final touches.

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